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Boutique Travel Consultancy and Marketing SA

PH Metropolitan Park 3401 Via Espana (at Fernandez de Cordoba)

Panama City, Panama


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Maybe you noticed the 3 colors used in this website: red and blue letters with a white background. These are the colors of the Panamanian flag.

Panama for Travel is an initiative by the Panamanian travel company "Boutique Travel Consultancy and Marketing SA" under the management of Johan Dorssemont, a travel professional of many years of experience in Latin-America.

The purpose of this site is to bring the attraction of Panama as a destination closer to you. We are a travel agency with expertise about the destination and want to share this with you. By sharing your expectations with us and our knowledge with you we tailor the travel program in Panama you are looking for. We can quote it and with the help of many friends in Panama we coordinate all parts of the trip correctly. That's what we are offering you.

Maybe you are used to book a package trip at your local travel agent with flight, hotels and lots of services included. The agent will only know the standard packages but (s)he can offer the whole world to you. We are local in Panama and only offer this destination. We don't offer international flights (anyone can book those over the internet). We show a few packages but actually not as a final offer, just as a teaser or a starting point.

Maybe you are used to book a few loose services for your trip to Panama on the internet and go for it. That's fine and good luck. On the other hand, if you're unsure about your trip to Panama, don't want to lose time, need a local agent to set up the right trip, you get into contact with us. Thanks to email and whatsapp communication we are even closer to you than your travel agent from around the corner and we do know the destination to give you the right advise.

Give us a try and fill in the form with your travel wishes for Panama.