Maybe Panama is not on your bucket list but we give you here 10 reasons why this destination gives you a rewarding and unforgettable holiday. Important is that the program is a combination of experiences that satisfy you. For this you need the right local partner like www.panamafortravel.com.
Just have a look at our 10 reasons:

  • 1
  • The Canal should be on your bucket list. It is a masterpiece of human engineering. It defines world trade and global geopolitics. There are many ways to experience it like a visit to the Mirador of Miraflores or Agua Clara, by a historic train ride or a real passage of the Canal by ship. It can be fun and will always be very interesting.

  • 2
  • Panama offers you a diversity of experiences. You find here colonial cities and also modern ones. You find tropical jungle with animals and birds in their natural habitat. You have great pristine beaches on the Caribbean and Pacific side. You can visit it all in the same holiday.

  • 3
  • Panama is known to be a shopping paradise and it is true. Many visitors come to Panama for only this reason. Thanks to the Canal and the Free Trade Zone of Colon all what is produced in the world can find its way to Panama. The offer of fashion goods and electronics is enormous. You find it in all price ranges and quality. Thanks to the many modern shopping malls in the City of Panama shopping is also very comfortable and destressing. Salespeople are helpful without being pushy. The dollar is the currency and all international bank cards are accepted. Panama is truly a shopping paradise.

  • 4
  • Panama has a modern infrastructure in constant development. Roads are really good, with the Pan-American as the road by excellence that crosses the country. Panama City has a good functioning metro system with extra lines being inaugurated. Taxi rides are cheap in cities. There is no lack of transportation means like taxis or rental cars.

  • 5
  • The nightlife and restaurant scene of Panama City is a hidden secret. Panama has a very young population thanks to the birth rate growth in the 90ies when the economy started booming. This young generation likes to party. You find many bars, life music venues, restaurants in many areas of the city. Since a few years Panama City has an innovating culinary scene where local traditions are fused by creative cooks with influences from all over the world. Panama City has a very international population with people from the USA, Europe and all over Latin-America that really know how to appreciate their creations. All this makes the night life scene very open and a mixture of Latin and Western cultures. Just dive in.

  • 6
  • Service in Panama has a surprising standard. This is a typical Latin country but the American influence and modern times have evaporated the "mañana"-mentality. You won't find it here. Locals don't like to be pushed around or treated with disrespect by foreigners but once you understand that you'll see that with a smile you really get a very long way. Service people won't push you to buying something and will authentically try to help you with your needs.

  • 7
  • Panama is a safe country to visit. Petty crime is very limited. Big crime related to drugs or people trafficking exists but you won't come across that when you visit the country as a tourist. Panama has no army but police and security is present everywhere and doesn't harass people. You won't see guns in street life and people in general just mind their own business.

  • 8
  • Life in Panama is cheaper than in the USA or Europe. Low quality products and services are available at a very low price but the rates go up according to the level, though always being under the standards of North-America or Europe. We don't recommend to go for the cheapest but just enjoy good quality at a more affordable price. You'll enjoy the country more.

  • 9
  • The airport of Tocumen in Panama City is called the Hub of America and so it is. Thanks to the national carrier Copa you can reach many destinations in Latin-America and the Caribbean using Panama as a transit stop. We recommend to take advantage and actually visit the country, even for only a few days.

  • 10
  • Panamanians are in general quite shy and for sure don't pry or try to win your confidence with ulterior motives. They are very authentic people, with a pride for their country. They are hospitable towards foreigners and quite open once you get to know them. You will always find them correct and helpful towards people in need.